California Wildfires: Lake Tahoe surrounded by thick, apocalyptic layer of smoke | layer | Tổng hợp những mẫu hình xâm đẹp phù hợp cá tính của bạn

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California Wildfires: Lake Tahoe surrounded by thick, apocalyptic layer of smoke | Tổng hợp những mẫu hình xâm phù hợp với cá tính của bạn.


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Video cho thấy khu vực Hồ Tahoe, California chìm trong một lớp khói dày đặc như ngày tận thế khi tình trạng cháy rừng đóng cửa Quốc lộ 50 và buộc các khu nghỉ dưỡng địa phương phải đóng cửa. Chất lượng không khí trong khu vực hiện đang ở mức nguy hiểm khi chữa cháy Caldor của California, đã phát triển đến hơn 117.000 mẫu Anh. # cháy rừng #smoke #california #laketahoe.

California Wildfires: Lake Tahoe surrounded by thick, apocalyptic layer of smoke và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

California Wildfires: Lake Tahoe surrounded by thick, apocalyptic layer of smoke
California Wildfires: Lake Tahoe surrounded by thick, apocalyptic layer of smoke

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California Wildfires: Lake Tahoe surrounded by thick, apocalyptic layer of smoke.


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  1. So sadden by these fires the place we visit when we can. I don’t understand how these fires are starting all over . Like each mountain is taking a turn. Very sad such a beautiful place to be .

  2. Maybe Hollywood should open their big television mouths and tell the people why their activities are burning their own state. The buying and selling of men, women, and children across TV "channels", imprisoning people in their own homes with Big Brother surveillance…..Shadowboxing women and children, and oppressing people and countries….doing nothing more than manipulating the world with lies. These things will bring God's wrath. This is Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 39. We're seeing the beginning of birth pangs for our nation and the Hollywood Freemasons just move off to their 3rd, 4th, or 5th "vacation home", while their own activities are what are bringing this upon us. The liars of the lie will never admit the Truth – which is the word of God. Rather, they say, "preach not these things" – while they manipulate from their ivory towers. And that is EXACTLY why people in America need to get with the Truth. 70 years for Babylon and that started in 1947 when the UN destroyed Jerusalem and we started building the "tower of Babylon" in mass communications. When are the "woke" going to wake up themselves? You can't continue in your lie and not become a coward to the truth.

  3. Yahoo has an article today saying it's all our fault for not following the Native American practices of 'cultural' burning. Ok. Whatever floats your boat (or canoe). It is true that fire suppression over the past 100 years has allowed fuel to build up to unprecedented levels which causes these very hot and large fires we are seeing today. But I don't think for one second the Native Americans did their 'cultural' burns with that in mind. We need to continually learn from our mistakes on how to improve our forest management. Yes, fire will need to be a part of our management. As will not building in fire prone areas, etc.

  4. People of California.
    There is a posibility that at the end of this year a great asteroid could fall in Pacific Ocean and it could cause a major disturbence on the West coast of the USA.
    I am incureging you to pray for mercy and to turn away from evil ways so that you could be spared.
    I am not trying to scare you nor do I wish to judge you I am just warning you and your families of a posible event that could take place in the near future.
    I love you all and I wish you well.

  5. Joel 2:30 says, I will show wonders in the heavens

    and on the earth,

    blood and fire and billows of smoke. and this prophecy is true and it is happening right now. CHRIST is coming back soon people, give your life to jesus now before it's too late……..Romans 10:9-10, If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

  6. In the meantime people in California are putting up video clips of an orange moon and saying it’s beautiful while everyone else is losing it all. Stay classy California

  7. What happens when the forest management is failing and the trees have feelings and people think they shouldn’t be cut. Even tho the Indians were literally burning them prior to the gold rush to help keep stuff like this from happening

  8. Really man?! How about the people loosing homes, they have nothing now, are out in shelters. The loss of some amazing nature and beautiful areas. You post a depressing video on YouTube about the smoke?!! How selfish. It’s a wild fire, it’s wild fire season, there’s going to be smoke man. And your music and “Apocalyptic” description is weird. Put your energy into reflection of the community’s who are suffering from more then a little smoke. Thumbs down all the way!!

  9. Interesting but dumb idea. The problem in the forests is not the "undergrowth". The overgrowth of undergrowth (nyuk nyuk) is the result of generations of mismanagement of the forest — logging, which removes the climax vegetation and dooms the forest to perpetual intermediate stages of progression which include heavy undergrowth. The Indians in the Western mountains did not practice routine burning as they did in the east and Mississippi valley, since they were not farmers. The mature forest was beneficial to them, maximizing the wildlife carrying capacity, and at lower elevations, the population of mature oaks which they used for their main carbohydrate source, acorn meal.

    Our current emergency is the result of generations of stupid forest management. For 60 years my family owned a 1200 acre tree farm in the Sierra. We managed our land much as BLM ("Bureau of Logging and Mining", or "Bureau of land Mismanagement") did the land which surrounded ours. Through continued sustainable logging and reflexive suppression of every tiny fire, our property and the hundreds of thousands of acres of adjacent BLM land finally turned into a giant tinderbox, largely devoid of the large trees of the climax forest, with compensatory growth of intermediate stages. Trees weakened by recent anthropogenic global warming succumbed to Pine Beetles and added to the massive overload of terpene-rich fuel. Then there was the forest's idiot load. Hoards of proto-MAGAts squatted in the canyons, periodically sending fires up the canyon walls. In 2005 one of these geniuses set the Ponderosa Fire which raged up the canyon wall and completely overran our land, resetting it to Stage 1.

    The answer to this mess is in the old adage — when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. Forest "management" has to reverse direction. First, we need to stop trying to live on indefensible slopes and mountain tops. I understand the appeal — building large, expensive homes in these areas allows the owner to view and be viewed. But it also creates an obligation for the rest of us to defend their Estates. We must stop further building on remote lands. Existing structures will demand public resources to defend against the yearly fires of the next two decades, but the cost of defending a home must be recovered from the homeowner. Other than defending existing homes, we should let the mega-fires burn themselves out, so to speak. We have no choice but to endure the current series of massive catch-up fires. Once the western slope has been cleared of dead vegetation, we should revert to allowing small fires to occur and develop, defending only structures whose owners are willing to pay for the service. The western forest shouldn't be "managed" anyway. its presence alone is invaluable in ways we don't yet see.

    We should stop using the forest as a source of wood. It's too fragile. The length of the growth cycle is doubled at higher altitudes, as is recovery time. Wood for building should come either from recycled sources, or from tree farms on less fragile land. The pine farms in the south are a good example of this use.

    Armies of goats would be the worst possible response. We created this mess through hubris, tinkering with a finely balanced ecosystem to "improve" it. Goats would decimate the fragile grass and shrub growth much more efficiently than swarms of sheep and cattle have already done. You're probably thinking "what's the difference between goats and fire? They both suppress the undergrowth." Not really. Goats remove everything including the seeds of the plants. However, most plants of the western slope are adapted to use fire to release seeds which fall to the ground and start the regenerative process instantly.

    For now, our best alternative is to grit our teeth and allow the mega-fires to reset the land, then stop trying to manage it after that.

  10. The dam communist United Nations are setting all these fires. No way are all these fires accidental. America is being attacked from within. We are in a war to save our Nation.

  11. ““Therefore, tell the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Repent and turn away from your idols, and stop all your detestable sins.”
    ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    No, and I tell you again that unless you repent, you will perish, too.””
    ‭‭Luke‬ ‭13:1-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    “Tell the southern wilderness, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Hear the word of the Lord! I will set you on fire, and every tree, both green and dry, will be burned. The terrible flames will not be quenched and will scorch everything from south to north. And everyone in the world will see that I, the Lord, have set this fire. It will not be put out.’””
    ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭20:47-48‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  12. "Antipas" was a faithful follower of Jesus Christ (Anti – pass).
    Those who are against the vaccine pass (Anti-pass) rest assured…. God is on our side.

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